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Welcome to the Atelier School for sculpture, painting and drawing.

Atelier is a studio with a well-equipped and inviting workspace, located in South Tel Aviv in the Kiryat Hamelacha complex, a community that is a significant art center, with a large number of galleries and artists' studios.

Atelier was founded by Uta Patinkin, a painter, and Avner Levinson, a sculptor. For a decade they lived in New York where they acquired their art education and exhibited their work.
Upon their return in 2013, Patinkin and Levinson established the Atelier Art School. Atelier conducts in-depth and serious studies to connect the contemporary art world with a long history of painting and sculpture. The students are encouraged to approach their studies with deep curiosity and dedication, in order to explore their own personal visual approach.

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Telemachus Residency Program

Telemachus is a mythological figure described by Homer in The Odyssey, depicting a teenager who is in the transition from childhood to adulthood.

This program is designed for artists who are interested in working, creating, and researching within an environment that allows for personal development. The Telemachus program is a professional springboard for artists interested in diving into the art world and making their first steps in the local field.


Work space: the five selected artists will share a 50-square-meter studio within the school grounds. Everyone will receive a permanent work area that is available to the artist at any hour and day.

Mentor: Each participant will receive personal guidance throughout the program by a senior artist, with a total of 4 accompanying sessions for the artist.

Yearly course: Participation in one of the annual courses offered at Atelier.

Study group: Group meetings with 4 different facilitators, for a joint observation of works, acquaintance with senior artists, lectures, professional training and more. 

Panelion: A panel meeting that includes leading artists in the art field where participants will present their work.

Exhibition: At the end of the program artists will present their work in a group exhibition at Maya Gallery.


minerva  Program

The program is named after Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, arts, commerce, and science, of Roman mythology. The myth says that Minerva was not born in the usual way, but leaped out from her father’s head as a mature and well-armed woman. This image has captured the hearts of Western writers and artists for generations.

Minerva, a comprehensive program, creates a space for learning and development for all who participate. We provide students with quality and in-depth training along with a flexible study framework that suits the needs and goals of each participant. 

While attending this program students will:

Gain practical instruction and professional training in sculpture, drawing, or painting from top-tier artists and teachers in that field.

Participate in a space of sharing between colleagues in group meetings, with a group of fellow artists. A variety of topics will be discussed in these sessions, including meetings with senior artists, unique workshops held by guest facilitators, and enriching meetings where we discuss a variety of topics.

Receive individualized guidance from a senior artist throughout the program period. This personal mentor will observe, listen to, and guide their mentee to aid in development and independent growth. 

Exhibit their work at the end of the program. Artists will present their work in a group exhibition at Maya Gallery.


Minerva was created in order to accompany and guide participants in their creative path and to provide them with tools to lead a life of an artist. This program is suitable for artists with personal initiative, the ability to think independently, are eager, and visionaries who want to fully realize their love for art.

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